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Please submit the application provided below. We will contact you shortly after. In accordance with the Texas Apartment Association, lease terms begin at 6 months are not to exceed 3 years.
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  • Applicant and Co-Applicant authorize Landlord's broker to (1) obtain a copy of any consumer or credit report related to this application; and (2) verify any rental history, employment history, or any other information related to this application; and (3) discuss information in the consumer report with Landlord and Landlord's broker.
  • Once an application is submitted and deposit is taken an "intent to lease is established" the property is then taken off the public leasing market. At this time, you will have forty-eigth hours from the dated of application submittal to finalize the leasing process. If you opt not to sign a lease after this "48 Hour" time limit the deposit will not be returned and the apartment is put back on the public market to lease. ALL tenants must maintain renters insurance.
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